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Needlefuck is a community primarily devoted to fetishizing the act of injection.

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This community deals with adult subject matter and is not suitable for minors or the easily offended.
If you don't like it, don't read it.
Please ensure that your mind is in the 'open' position before proceeding.

What's this all about then?
Photography, art, prose, poetry, and more or less anything else relating to the aesthetic and erotic appreciation of the act of injection, and related topics.

Other welcome subjects include:

  • blood-letting performed with needle and syringe
  • imagery involving trackmarks, cooking up, etc.
  • the use of syringes in vaginal, anal or oral administration; use of syringe as dildo
  • piercing using hypodermic needles. Please note: as this is a more popular fetish, already covered by a number of other communities, I'd appreciate it if we didn't get too many posts of this nature. Needle + syringe piercings welcome.
  • discussions relating to the primary topic and related subjects, although for technical queries on pharmaceuticals you may be better off with chemicalwhores or drugusers, while if you're interested in a community which welcomes not-necessarily-repentant users and ex-users of hard drugs posting about their experiences, I recommend burnt_spoons.
    Since I am a firm advocate of harm reduction, queries on and posts about safer injection and so on are very much welcome here.
  • artistic or erotic portrayals of other acts typically associated with the adminsitration of mind altering substances (e.g. snorting, smoking on foil or with a glass pipe, etc).
  • discussions of the spiritual, religious, or magickal implications of the subject, but please let's not have any my-faith-is-better-than-yours posts.

If you're unsure as to whether something's suitable or not, just ask.

What Isn't Welcome Here?

  • spam (excluding promotion of related communities)
  • harrasment of members, as individuals or as a whole
  • attempts to buy or sell illegal drugs
  • flame wars
  • posts which bear no relationship whatsoever to the group topic. That includes erotic/pornographic/artistic images of any sort that don't in some way relate to the theme of injection (or aforementioned related concerns) and blood letting by cutting, unless in conjunction with an appropriate subject.
  • copyright theft. DO NOT take images or text posted to this group and attempt to pass them off as your own. Copyright applies even if not explicitly stated. If you want to reproduce something, please ask.

And finally, it should go without saying: absolutely NO animal cruelty and NO pedophilia. No bestiality photos. Pretend snuff fine; real snuff, not.
Do not post your full real name, address, phone number, etc. to the group. There are such things in this world as narcs, stalkers, and rapists, and you don't want to be another statistic.

Image Posting Guidelines

  • Large images (over 600 in width or height) should be placed behind lj-cut tags.
  • Post no more than two images in the main part of the post - any additional pics should go behind cut tags.

Who is welcome here?
Anyone prepared to take an open-minded interest, basically.
Drug users, ex-users, blood fetishists, medical fetishists, and people who are simply intrigued are all equally welcome, be they practitioners, artists, voyeurs, or whatever.
Despite common assumptions, not everyone who has a fetish for injection is addicated to, or even uses, hard drugs. Many former users still get a kick out of the act (or, more often, out of spectating it).
Many people simply have a voyeuristic interest.
It is not uncommon for injection fetishists to simply inject sterile water, as opposed to any mind-altering substance. This particularly applies in the case of photo shoots. Just because someone is shown shooting up, it does not by definition make them a criminal or a drug user.
Do not make assumptions.
This is a rare and controversial interest.
Please play nicely together.