Addiction is a Myth (ex_opiferum) wrote in needlefuck,
Addiction is a Myth

Yes, there is such a thing as a responsible IV drug user!

Nothing annoys me more than the small-minded attitude typical of small-minded persons that misinterpret Harm Reduction or Needle Exchanges as endorsing a message of pro-drugs or pro-drug use. 

More annoying are persons that interpret my belief that there is such a thing as responsible drug use as a message of pro-addiction and pro-drug abuse.

There is so much fear, stigma and prejudice attached to using drugs intravenously.  I am proud to say I don't have a drug habit.  I haven't had a drug habit for 3 years.  I don't drink or smoke, but I choose to take drugs intravenously.  I do not practise unsafe injecting techniques or practices, nor do I promote irresponsible drug use and practises.  Rather, I empower users to make informed decisions, ones that will help to save their life or to protect them from future harm.

I am proud to work in the Harm Reduction field.

I am proud to admit I have been an IDU and no longer have a habit, although I continue to use drugs in the same manner as some people drink alcohol. 

There is no such thing as a typical junkie.  There is no uniform.  Nobody would suspect I am a former IDU - I am a university graduate in a post-graduate school from a good middle-class background:  hardly the image attached to the slums of Victorian England or the ghettos of New York.

Those former addicts that are too ashamed to admit to their past are only contributing to the power of fear upheld by society in the war against drugs and drug users.

Feed the fear and become someone to be feared.

Fight the fear and become someone to be admired for making an effort that will help to stop the prejudice killing addicts every day all the world over....
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