.....princess (smuttyprincess) wrote in needlefuck,

dirty hit...or...?

so...likely story, i know...but im actually posting this for a friend who is currently without computer access. haaa. right. but its true. either way...

has anyone ever had any experience with shooting using cold water? as in, a bottle of water kept in the fridge...not boiled, very cold. said friend got antsy and decided to try shooting at work, and that was the only water he had access to. he immediately got a splitting headache that has lasted for about two days. he is sensitive to light and in general, under the weather. he doesnt know if its a bad hit from the water, or something to do with the water being cold...or if the drugs are bad. he doesnt want to use the drugs if they are whats bad...and so far he hasnt felt well enough to try again. but he also realllly doesnt want to throw the gear out if it was just a water problem. has anyone had anything like this happen before? i know ive had a dirty hit or two, but the sickness i felt has never lasted more than a couple of hours. any thoughts are appreciated.

oh, and i guess it should be noted that were talking meth.
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I've always shot meth using cold water, but not as cold as refrigerated. hmmm, his headache could be due to a reason other than the cold water or gear. because as you said, a bad hit usually doesnt last longer than a few hours.

if your ancy about taking the stuff again, try smoking it a bit first and see if you have any reactions. if not then it should be fine to use again with just normal water ... if he reacts again then just try and sell off the stuff.
thanks for the info. i dont think he ever smokes it...he never has with me anyway. but, ill mention it. if hes not prepared to smoke it, even snorting or swallowing some would probably be a safer test run than shooting it. so...good idea. again, thank you.
I've shot with cold water a lot. It's not the water temp that is the problem (although it can be in your head.) Since it wasn't sterile, there were definitely germs, and maybe some nasties in the water that made him sick. I've had that same reaction, though, with shooting meth- Even with hot, sterile water. I get severely dehydrated from some batches sometimes, which causes headaches and thus, light sensitivity. Something like Gatorade or Smartwater will get his electrolytes normal again and maybe help him feel better faster.

I definitely, definitely second snorting/smoking/eating though. It's not a pharmaceutical drug, so gods only know what impurities are in it. ...I shudder to think. Mos def toss it, as much as that hurts, if it makes him sick. It could be nasty cut that could really hurt someone.
ok so...turns out the gear was bad, i guess.

and? ive had those same thoughts about what may be in something someone made their dirty old bathtub or god knows where. but its so hard to say no sometimes.

anyway, thank you for the suggestions...i appreciate it.

Deleted comment

worse...bad gear all together, so it turned out. but wanted to say thank you anyway.