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10th September 2013

opiferum1:33pm: We need you!

23rd March 2013

lovelikeheroin12:20pm: As a heroin addict I can say….
I am tired of people thinking that they are hardcore because they smoke weed. Weed is the weakest drug there is. If you want to get high do a real drug like cocaine or heroin. That is hardcore. I know because I am a heroin addict. Do a real drug kiddies.

Current Mood: annoyed

18th November 2010

alysasherwood2:37am: sexy
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25th April 2010

maybluejay12:30pm: Occult Sex Gold Medallion
What's up everyone? I was considering this Gold Medallion, but was curious if anyone had any input on it. The piece is nice, and the story behind it is interesting. Any input would be appreciated.

Occult Sex Magick Gold Medallion
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11th April 2010


Hey people.. I'm going to rehab soon.. 60 days sober today.. besides the xanies klonopins n vics I'm prescribed but I need support and I'm sure as hell not going to get any from the people I know.. I leave the 26th for 90 days at Black mountain, NC. Anyone interested in writing me? I'm Jen, age 20. DOC: Heroin, meth, oxys, the list goes on.. 
here's me:

25th March 2009

darkenmidnight2:04pm: Check it out
I found a kinda cool site and made a post about it in my Journal. Just want you guys to check it out and let me know what you think.

25th April 2008

ex_opiferum2:25pm: Yes, there is such a thing as a responsible IV drug user!
Nothing annoys me more than the small-minded attitude typical of small-minded persons that misinterpret Harm Reduction or Needle Exchanges as endorsing a message of pro-drugs or pro-drug use. 

More annoying are persons that interpret my belief that there is such a thing as responsible drug use as a message of pro-addiction and pro-drug abuse.

There is so much fear, stigma and prejudice attached to using drugs intravenously.  I am proud to say I don't have a drug habit.  I haven't had a drug habit for 3 years.  I don't drink or smoke, but I choose to take drugs intravenously.  I do not practise unsafe injecting techniques or practices, nor do I promote irresponsible drug use and practises.  Rather, I empower users to make informed decisions, ones that will help to save their life or to protect them from future harm.

I am proud to work in the Harm Reduction field.

I am proud to admit I have been an IDU and no longer have a habit, although I continue to use drugs in the same manner as some people drink alcohol. 

There is no such thing as a typical junkie.  There is no uniform.  Nobody would suspect I am a former IDU - I am a university graduate in a post-graduate school from a good middle-class background:  hardly the image attached to the slums of Victorian England or the ghettos of New York.

Those former addicts that are too ashamed to admit to their past are only contributing to the power of fear upheld by society in the war against drugs and drug users.

Feed the fear and become someone to be feared.

Fight the fear and become someone to be admired for making an effort that will help to stop the prejudice killing addicts every day all the world over....

2nd April 2008

agentparanoia11:58pm: Sticks & Stones.
Hello All, new here, found out about it, through Ms. 1351 :-).

anywho, here are a few phone-cam shots of some delicious silver. 
I would use a cut, but my broswer is fucking upo severly, my apologies in advance. and feel free to add me,
if we share any common ground. :)

Current Mood: mellow

29th March 2008

cumbubblequeen8:36pm: Woah, I'm high. Chatting it with eus and Athena on the mountains kind of high. Lennon's here too, apparently he was greek.

And.. I just looked out the window and realized I'm still in Houston. When the fuck does that end?

x-post. if capable of figuring that shit out.

6th February 2008

corpse_sing4:01pm: suboxone/ half-life
Took a suboxone 2-8mg tab today at 12pm. When can I shoot up?




I'm NOT, I repeat NOT trying to shoot suboxone. I just want to inject heroin. One more time. Going away party. Yeah, yeah, bad, bad, bad. Reprimand me all you want. I'm just asking an honest question, and I don't want to do anything dangerous. I plan on doing this tommorow regardless, anyway. Thanks for the concern, but that's not really what I'm looking for on these forums.

3rd December 2007

ex_opiferum7:59pm: Suboxone
I  know the constitution of Suboxone as opposed to Subutex. 

Anyone on Suboxone?

Experiences? Experiments? Does it help cravings? Side-effects? I know people that have injected it in small doses without going in wd... have you? 

17th April 2007

teamnoir5:47pm: Penetration - A Ritual BDSM PlayShop
Penetration - A Ritual BDSM PlayShop
with Chris English & Daddy Darin
Sunday, May 20th, 1-4pm
at Edges - http://edges.biz (San Jose)
$10 admission, no one turned away for lack of funds

I’ve never done needles. From either side. I’ve been to a number of classes on the topic, but I keep thinking that I want to try them for the first time in a ritual setting. But I keep not having the right opportunities.Read more...Collapse )

13th April 2007

cumbubblequeen3:50pm: freebasing pancakes?

cook me up a stack.

15th November 2006

maybeimamazed1:32am: I'm looking for people with similar interests in the Boston area and otherwise. People who like to get high and write, people who like to get high and enjoy the company of people who won't steal all their DVDs. That sort of thing. I haven't met up with people from online since the birth of instant messaging, but may be inclined to do so if I get to know you on here and you seem like you'd be fun (and, er, not a cop).

I just moved back here from the South Puget Sound area of Washington, anyone from that scene? I suppose there's a chance I may move back there at some point.

19th January 2006

disko_delirium5:47am: .

application!!!!Collapse )

9th June 2006

smuttyprincess12:55am: dirty hit...or...?
so...likely story, i know...but im actually posting this for a friend who is currently without computer access. haaa. right. but its true. either way...

has anyone ever had any experience with shooting using cold water? as in, a bottle of water kept in the fridge...not boiled, very cold. said friend got antsy and decided to try shooting at work, and that was the only water he had access to. he immediately got a splitting headache that has lasted for about two days. he is sensitive to light and in general, under the weather. he doesnt know if its a bad hit from the water, or something to do with the water being cold...or if the drugs are bad. he doesnt want to use the drugs if they are whats bad...and so far he hasnt felt well enough to try again. but he also realllly doesnt want to throw the gear out if it was just a water problem. has anyone had anything like this happen before? i know ive had a dirty hit or two, but the sickness i felt has never lasted more than a couple of hours. any thoughts are appreciated.

oh, and i guess it should be noted that were talking meth.

8th June 2006

spiderwebbed7:23pm: [i have been a member for some time now, and i have only made 2 or 3 posts. reguardless, i wanted to stop by and say hello to my beautiful fellow needlefuckers. kiss kiss.]


31st May 2006

syn192:34pm: i'll get to the point.
i was referred here by caturdaze
i've never tried shooting anything.. but i cannot get the idea out of my
head to try it. i only snort coke. i want to try shooting it.. but need
some help.. and prefer to have someone show me as opposed to trying it alone
and fucking up.i live in the toronto area.. and would gladly score for whoever
wants to help me.. as well as provide a safe place to do it.
let me know if anyone is interested!

15th May 2006

mosaicexprssion8:51am: I've got to make a bit of cash quite quickly and have exausted many options. I need some new ideas. I figure I'll post this to get some other peoples advice .. kind of like a brainstorm type thing. I need to make about $300 ASAP. I will settle for way less, any money will do. I have some money to begin with so its not all too hard, but i still need atleast $65 more than what I have now. Gimmie some suggestions, damnit! :D Legality is nothing.. as I will do whatever I must for this money, as always. Holla at me!

30th March 2006

xdeadreckoningx11:18am: NEEEDD
is there H in tarpon springs/pt. richey?

27th March 2006

whit_combe2:35am: Question
Do these look like needle marks to you guys?
PICTURECollapse )

17th March 2006

xdeadreckoningx2:17pm: im going to be in Pt. Richey/Tarpon Springs, Florida in for a couple of weeks. anyone from the area? email: thestamptheory@gmail.com

12th March 2006

awarmguninmyarm11:21am: Help
recently I just got released i couldnt help but go back to the one thing i love, but unfortunately as you know it leaves marks.
i have to see my p.o. 3 times a week and dont know how to hide the marks i have, now ive never had to before.
help would be appreciated
Current Mood: worried
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